By Marguerite Gil

During this last decade Wynwood, Miami has become a Mecca for Art. The “WALLS” as they are referred to are unexpected, amazing and powerful. Gallery nights are attended by thousands of curious on-lookers who go for the art as well as the food trucks, restaurants, artisan stands and just for hanging out.

Wynwood (I can’t believe I’m going to write this), has morphed into one of THE MOST exciting art showplaces anywhere. Monthly openings feature emerging, cutting edge, trendy talented artists who proudly ‘strut their stuff’.

Dame Nancy Ancrum organized a tour for Les Dames, Miami Chapter and visited some of the amazing murals now known as the Wynwood Walls. After the visit, the ladies enjoyed a spirited, artistic lunch at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar (305.722.8959).

Here are some highlights of the surprising large-scale works of wall art: