By Marguerite Gil

It’s a small elegant boutique on Coral Way. Free parking around the back of the building makes it easy for addicts to find suitable parking. Hurry into the boutique and anxiously push open the doors of Romanico and….inhale. Once inside, a whiff of the goodies will have clients surrounded by a chocolate heaven created by Dame d’Escoffier Alejandra Bigai.

Romanicos makes small batches every day. It ensures ultimate freshness. Each box sold, has an expiration date, although I imagine that chocoholics devour the yummies way before the expo-date is ever an issue. Fresh ingredients, well-tested- bold recipes made with Venezuelan premium chocolate and a commitment to deliciousness makes their product a treat for the taste buds. Their flavors include: Cayenne Pepper, Japanese Ginger, Mission Figs, Wild Cherry, Sea Salt & Soy Beans, Salted Almonds, Pistachio & Nutmeg, Walnuts & Honey, Plain Semi-Sweet and Dark and so much more.


Now this is where I am floored. According to Alejandra, her chocolates are low in calories. Only 38 calories each. “This low calorie per chocolate is because we don’t add any preservatives, butter, or extra sugar. They are creamy and they just melt in your mouth. We are proud to offer a well-balanced treasure that combines eye catching presentation, delicious confections and an unparalleled customer service.”

Romanicos Chocolate, 1801 Coral Way, Miami, Fl. 33145. Visit or call toll free: 1-877-848-4857.