By Marguerite Gil (


Les Dames Miami welcomed the LDEI Board to a memorable evening of meeting, dining and hugging recently. Marketing gurus, Dame Susan Brustman and Dame Karen Barofsky suggested Essensia Restaurant (The Palms Hotel & Spa, Miami Beach), which embraces a farm-to-table philosophy and offers a seasonal selection of global wholesome cuisine in an unforgettable tropical setting.

Everyone was invited to experience Chef Julie’s organic garden located on the hotel’s premises while enjoying a champagne aperitif. Once outdoors she encouraged the ladies to pick and taste the tomatoes and herbs and enjoy the genuine focus on the purity of the garden produce.

Then it was on to a 3-hour scrumptious dinner surrounded by enthusiastic conversations, swaying palms and perfect restaurant service. A formidable evening of networking and sisterhood. Bravo Les Dames.


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