By Marguerite Gil

The holidays are quickly approaching! Here’s a sweet suggestion to enjoy… Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur. As the legend goes, the fruity liqueur was introduced to King Louis XIV during one of his visits to the Chateau de Chambord in France. The king so appreciated the liqueur that a ‘brand’ was born. Today, 300 years later the liqueur is still produced in the Loire Valley of France using all natural ingredients. Whole raspberries and blackberries are steeped in French spirits for a period of several weeks to produce the distinct raspberry aromatic, flavorful beverage.

After the berry infusion is extracted, a second set of spirits is added to the fruit and allowed to rest for a few weeks. Then this second infusion is drawn off and the remaining fruit is pressed to obtain the natural sugars and juice. The fruit-infused final pressing is then married with a proprietary blend of cognac, natural vanilla extract, black raspberries, citrus peel, honey, and herbs & spices. The liqueur is 16.5% alcohol by volume.


Chef Escoffier, who was called (“the king of chefs and the chef of kings), concocted special Chambord drinks inspired by Louis’ love of fresh berries. Today thanks to adventurous mixologists who are searching for unusual flavors to include in their repertoire of bar specials, are adding Chambord as a “potent sweetener”. New drinks include the Raspberry Margarita, French Manhattan and Kir Imperial (Chambord and Champagne).

Try this new twist on a Mojito cocktail:
•2 oz. of Chambord Vodka,
•¾ oz. fresh lime juice,
•¾ oz. simple syrup,
•8 mint leaves,
•1 thick cucumber slice, placed on the border of the glass and top it all with ginger ale.