By Marguerite Gil (

Foodies take note: Miami Spice is still available until the last day of September, 2013 so… turn off the tube, get off of the sofa and go enjoy formidable meals at an assortment of ‘fancy’ eateries for reduced prices!



Last week we made our way to one of South Florida’s historic restaurants: The Forge in Miami Beach. Chef Dewey Lasasso took the helm as executive chef a few years back and brought his eclectic choice of fresh ingredients and savoir faire to loyal clients. His innovative dishes also convinced a younger clientele to venture into the lavish dining establishment and enjoy a vast assortment of wines & spirits and farm-to-table creations that make The Forge an adventurous eating experience.


Spice Month is organized by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau and introduces over 170 local restaurants to people who might think twice about going to a high-priced eatery. During this yearly special, three-course lunches range from $19-$23. Dinners are priced from $33-$39 at some of the hottest places in town. What’s not to love?




I didn’t get to taste this past week’s Spice dinner at The Forge (Dewey changes the Spice menu every week), instead I had a great a-la-carte meal in the private wine cellar room which was amply moistened with Herradura Tequila specialty drinks.


The Forge houses over 300,000 bottles of wines and spirits.

If you’re just thirsty and want to whet the old taste buds, you don’t need a reservation to meander over to the bar and enjoy a pre-dinner drink or an after dinner digestive.


If it’s dinner that you seek…make a reservation at 305.538.8533 or risk not getting a table for hours.
Bon appetit
and chin-chin.


The Forge:
432 Forty-First St.
Miami Beach 33140
(305) 538-8533

Check for all of the weekly Spice menus in most of the participating restaurants.